StatCounter – most useful analyzer

Owning an excellent structured website is one thing but, as a marketer, you require relevant website analytics tool to help you run the sites efficiently. Well, if you need a reliable website analytics tool to help you manage your website, Statcounter is the perfect choice to make. What makes the StatCounter to be recommended as the most useful analyzer is the fact that it has all the necessary features and applications to help you manage your site, plus it is quite easy to work with too.   Functions of the StatCounter analyzer.   Manages the visitors.   Running an online business is not easy as running a physical store since you have to monitor your customer's reactions towards your website carefully. The feedback you get from your viewers help you improve the site and also provide what your customers are looking for.These services are accessible to fulfill with the use of StatCounter. This is because it is a powerful tool which helps you have an easy time analyzi...
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Different WebTraffic Analyzers

The primary role of web traffic analyzers is to measure the amount of data which is sent and received by visitors to a given website. Below is the updated list of the most popular web traffic analyzers:  
  1. W3Counter: This is one of the widely used web traffic analyzers, and it comes in a free and premium version. It allows website owners to track various websites and then obtain the general statistics. For instance, a Pro account will enable one to monitor approximately I a million views a month for sites with higher traffic.
  2. AWStats: This is a pre-installed software offered by many web hosting companies. It also has the download option if you want to install your server. This software is most preferred since it can go to an extent into referring site’s information to other users. This is a unique feature not available in other web analytics packages.
  3. Google Analytics: It is considered as one of the most popular web analytics package. This is because it can easily be ...
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Generating more web traffic in 2018

webtraffic tips for 2018
Generating huge traffic is key to most website managers whether it's a blog or an advertisement most people want to have a lot of people coming to their sites. Without traffic you simply feel as if the world is caving so here is some insightful information which will help you attract more users to your website. Here are some tips gathered from experts that will really assist in solving this headache.   Use social networks Currently almost everyone around the globe has a cell phone, internet and is most probably on social media. Tapping into this the wide customer range offered here will do miracles for your site. Promoting newly established content across these networks for a period of about two weeks will give people time to catch your content. Creating a group on Facebook is one of the most effective ways. To maximize on this ensure that you are the authority and invite people from other groups in no time you will have a vast followership. Post helpful content that give p...
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YouTube Traffic – Secret Tactics Revealed

YouTube Traffic
The 5 Step System To Generate Millions of Views, And Hundreds of Thousands Leads Using FREE YouTube Videos... Totally Hidden Secret..! The fact is - If you want to sell your services/products you need traffic. And lots of it. You've seen them: YouTube videos that reach viewers by the millions—and leave you scratching your head over how and why they outrank your own offerings. You watch these viral hits and shake your head, wondering what it will take to earn the same audience share for you. "My videos are just as good," you say, "so why am I not at the top of the popularity charts?"   The secret is simple. First, YouTube uses artificial intelligence to prioritize videos. Just as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn use algorithms to determine which search results and social-media posts get shown to the most people, YouTube has its own formulas that elevate some videos to the top of the list of viewing options. To put your content in front of the people whose interes...
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Goodbye Stress Balls, Hello Fidget Cube

fidget cube
Sometimes we need a rest. Twiddling your fingers? Are you one of those incessant finger drummers? Do you catch yourself fidgeting frequently while while thinking about your next traffic campaign? You may have some form of stress or anxiety. Many people who fidget suffer from attention deficit hyperactive disorder or ADHD. On the other hand, some people just fidget because they are bored. Your brain needs to focus on something so it causes you to become restless and start fidgeting. The days of squeezing a squishy stress reliever until its eyes pop out or fidgeting with a stress ball have become a distant memory. With the use of a fidget cube you can keep your hands and your brain busy while reducing stress and anxiety at the same time.   What is a Fidget Cube? Made with fidgeting fingers in mind, the six sided cube will keep you busy and help relieve stress and anxiety. Each side of the fidget cube is made up of small push, pull, and twist buttons. You can fidget with this ...
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Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website (Part-4 FINAL)

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Increasing web traffic

Hey guys and gals. This is the final part of our series on How to Increase Traffic to Your Website! We hope you are happy with the information given here and will like , share and comment on this topic. And here it is, the last part:

Utilize Additional Offline Methods

Earlier in the article we discussed the yellow pages as a low-cost offline way to increase traffic to your website. Now we we will discuss additional offline techniques. Print your website address and email address on your printed promotional materials that you will mail out to those on your mailing list. Tell relatives and friends about your business and give them your website address and company email address. If you live in a college town and your business targets students, contact campus newspapers and alumni magazine editors to inquire about advertising your online business in their publications.

Stay Ethical

Another thing to remember when increasing web traffic is to stay ethical whil...
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Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website (Part-3)

Here it is.. Part 3 of our series and let's begin:

Hire A SEO Consultant

SEO consultant can help if you struggle to boost your website’s traffic. In spite of using the above mentioned methods, you can hire a SEO consultant. SEO consultants are trained in helping people create effective websites, and they have the resources to boost web traffic for you. Look for a consultant who has several years of experience and who understands your vision.

Utilize Pinterest

Here are ways you can use Pinterest to increase your website traffic. These methods include:
  • Adding your website’s URL in the description of your pin
  • Using a call to action in pin description
  • Pinning between hours of 2pm and 4pm, and between 8 pm and 1 am
  • Use of Tall photos when posting images on Pinterest

List Your Website in Yellow Pages

Many people see the yellow pages as obsolete but you can still use this tool to promote your website. When you write out your company’s mailing address and phone n...
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Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website (Part-2)

optimize your website
This is part two of our blog series regarding to sending more traffic to your website. Let's get straight to where we left.

Links to Authority Sites

It also helps to link to authority sites within your website’s content because this is something that search engines look favorably upon. For example, if you operate a blog that deals with American history, you can link to collegiate history department scholarly articles which discuss topics that are similar to the ones you discuss on your blogs.

Check Your Load Time

One reason why some websites do not get high traffic is because the load time is too slow. You can improve things by changing image sizes, eliminating excessive plugins and make changes to the text within the site. This free tool from Google will help you with this (more…)
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Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website (Part-1)

webtraffic increase

increase website trafficIncrease Website Traffic

You have a business website and now you are gaining new and steady customers each week. But like any business owner you want to increase website traffic. Thanks to the following methods we will discuss in this article, it is possible to gain more traffic in a matter of months. It will take a positive attitude, hard work, the willingness to be creative and perseverance.

Blog Your Heart Out

There are several reasons why blogging increases a business’s website traffic. You can increase your blog’s traffic by including guest bloggers who are experts in the niche you blog about regularly. You can also increase your blog’s traffic by linking to your blog posts on social media, leaving comments and links to your blog on others’ blogs, creating unique and relevant content consistently and using the best keywords throughout your blog.

Create Webinars or Podcasts (more…)

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