When most people think of edu backlinks , the least that pop up in their minds is the possibility of obtaining higher SEO rankings. This is because these sites are mainly used by educational institutions to reach out to their potential visitors which mainly include students and other educational stakeholders. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The site can indeed be optimized for SEO. We are going to examine the various strategies which may help you out in these.




Paying College Students


Most of the .edu sites are owned by colleges. By converting the sites into cash cows, it is possible to shore up the rankings of these sites. The college students may, for instance, be asked to generate some contents as part of their work-study program. These contents may, in turn, be linked out to other authority sites on the said subject matter. This arrangement improves the authority of the sites. They hence attract more inbound traffic.


Improving Sections of the Sites


Most sites that attract higher inbound traffic or achieve higher rankings are normally up to date. In light of this, deliberate attempts should thus be made to improve sections if not whole of the site. This may take various shades and forms. These include redesigning the interface, updating contents, or generally making the site more interactive than before. This has to happen periodically to keep pace with any changes. That’s why you need edu backlinks


Offering Education-related Discounts


No one abhors cheaper prices. In fact, many people will usually haggle when they get the chance to. The aim at the end of the day is usually to obtain the goods at the lowest levels practicable. With regards to this, the sites may be used as a conduit for the advancements of such discounts. The attendant consequent of these is the increase in the number of traffic and trustworthy. These jointly improve the search engine rankings.


Linking out to Local Resources Pages


The typical educational setting is surrounded by numerous small businesses that are aimed at catering to the needs of the student and faculty. A wise idea may be to link out some pages of the .edu site to these local businesses. With many outbound links come higher rankings and increased inbound traffic. Moreover, such outbound edu backlinks also improve the visibility of your site. This is because the visitors of the foreign sites will generally notice it easily.


Enlisting of Alumni


The alumni of these educational institutions will often go ahead to achieve some great feats upon their graduation. Most of their clienteles will usually want to know more about their former educational institutions. Tapping into such a resource base may hence be quite fruitful and beneficial. Such an approach works in much the same way as external linking works. It improves the visibility of the .edu sites and attracts more inbound traffic.


Resource Page Link-building


Generally speaking, .edu sites contain plenty of resourceful pieces of information. These mainly arise from the many contributions that the students and the members of the faculty make. It is possible to tap into these resourceful pieces of information. This can happen by linking the specific pages of the sites that contain this information to external pages and sites. The effect of such link-building is pretty much the same as those aforementioned.


Aggressive Promotion


To be able to improve the SEO of your page, you need to have it recognized by as many people as possible. This requires some level of aggressiveness on your part. You may do this by a number of ways and means. These include posting catchy contents, flattering your target audience, and posting contents that are unique and found nowhere else on the internet. These shall increase the hits and the visibility of your site.


Create a Scholarship


Educational institutions exist primarily to impart knowledge. These days, knowledge is extremely expensive to come by. Any initiative that can reduce the load is thus highly welcome. No other initiative of such kinds is as reliable as the educational scholarships. Many will indeed scour through the .edu sites purely to look out for them. You should hence leverage this power by creating and posting scholarship on your site. This will see many visitors tour your site.


Blog Comments Backlinks


It is also possible to leverage the awesome power of the blog comments backlinks to shore up the rankings of .edu sites. For this to happen, the SEO Quake toolbar has to be first and foremost downloaded and installed. This tool helps in identifying the specific PR of the page you are interested in. It also aids in linking the pages with the blog sections of your edu site. The toolbar is then installed and the entire system restarted to activate it.


Post Jobs and Careers


Apart from the bare minimum informational contents, the .edu site may also play other roles. For instance, the sites may be used to post information about the available vacancies. In the course of job hunting, most people will access your site. This together with the attendant clicks have the joint impact of improving the rankings of your site. Moreover, such visitors will usually refer your site to their CV and bring in more traffic in the process.




…we could go on and on and on had it been possible. However, due to the limited time and space at our disposal, we just had to stop there. It is not enough for you to know about these techniques alone. It pays to go the extra mile and adopt at least one of them. How else can you possibly gain from the information we have supplied? All the best in your endeavor to make the most of the .edu sites.

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