Using Social Media to Generate Free Traffic In 2019

social media traffic 2019

So it’s time to tap into the power of social media to build your business by boosting the traffic. That is cute and mine is to help you get started. Social media traffic 2019 can be boosted for free. It is time to ditch all those paid software and tools that supposedly help you increase website through social media. We will share seven incredible ways to boost traffic and generate leads with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other similar platforms. That said, let us get started:

1. Take Advantage of Free Social Media Marketing Tools

There are countless tools out there that can be used to boost traffic from social media for free. You will be amazed by how much traffic you can generate for free with tools such as OptinMonster, Audisense, Tweepi and Socedo.

OptinMonster lets you engage the right social media users at the right time with visually stunning and hard-to-resist ads. Audiense, on the other hand, provides you with social media user intelligence you can take advantage of to boost your traffic. It also allows you to build relationship with customers on social media. When it comes to Tweepi, this tool enables you to increase your Twitter followers and traffic to your landing page. Finally, Socedo automatically discovers social media users who qualify to be your leads. Once you have your followers, you can split them into multiple segments, making sure only the relevant segments get your promotions.

2. Be Sure to Answer People’s Questions with Your Posts

Pay much attention to this vital social media traffic 2019 tip, which many business owners surprisingly tend to ignore. Do not just post contents or promotions for the sake of it. Make sure your posts cover your audience’s questions or challenges. For example, if you are posting some photos of new cars you recently added to your stock, include captions that answer questions like the covered mileage, fuel carbon emission status, auto financing options, etc for each car. The point is to not post promotions for the sake of it. Make sure you cover your viewers’ questions or challenges in the promotions.

3. Reward Your Social Media Followers for a Specific Action

This is a long-time tactic for getting traffic from Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms and converting them into leads. You can encourage your social media fans to take a specific action like to click a link back to your landing page for a wide variety of rewards. You could promise rewards such as a holiday trip, free lifetime membership, free product or service, cash for a few lucky individuals. If it is more clicks or any other action you want with this tactic, you will get excessive amounts of that particular action.

4. Do Not Be Afraid to Post Your Business On Relevant Social Media Forums

You will find that there are many forums that are related to your business in social media. For instance, if it is a car business, you will find many forums covering the topic of cars in general or specific issues that affect car buyers. Feel free to contribute to such forums and leave a link back to your website. You can be confident that many participants are going to visit your website through that link, instantly becoming your leads. Reddit can be a nice place to find great forums that cover topics relating to your business.

5. Be Present On as Many Social Media Platforms as Possible

It is not a surprise that despite the fact that most social media platforms, if not all, are free to join for both individual users and businesses, there are many businesses out there that are not present in as many platforms. You should join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and as many other SM platforms as you can. The more SM platforms you have established a presence on, the more leads you will generate.

6. Respond to All Complaints Positively

Many businesses have ruined their reputations and lost customers solely by ignoring customer complaints. Disregarding your customers’ angry reactions online hurts your lead generation. So is responding negatively to your dissatisfied customers. Be polite and professional to your customers and trolls alike, asking them to share their dissatisfaction in the inbox so you can check on the issue. Responding positively to negative feedback, no matter what, makes you look trustworthy, reliable and easy to do business with.

Final Thoughts

Want to get the most out of social media traffic 2019? Start implementing the tips above today. Take advantage of free social media marketing tools like OptinMonster, Audisense, Tweepi and Socedo. Be sure to answer your followers’ questions with your social media posts. Offer rewards to encourage readers to click on your link and do not be afraid to post your business on various social media forums. Finally, build a presence on as many social media platforms as possible and respond to all complaints professionally.

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