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Owning an excellent structured website is one thing but, as a marketer, you require relevant website analytics tool to help you run the sites efficiently. Well, if you need a reliable website analytics tool to help you manage your website, Statcounter is the perfect choice to make. What makes the StatCounter to be recommended as the most useful analyzer is the fact that it has all the necessary features and applications to help you manage your site, plus it is quite easy to work with too.


Functions of the StatCounter analyzer.


Manages the visitors.


Running an online business is not easy as running a physical store since you have to monitor your customer’s reactions towards your website carefully. The feedback you get from your viewers help you improve the site and also provide what your customers are looking for.These services are accessible to fulfill with the use of StatCounter. This is because it is a powerful tool which helps you have an easy time analyzing, tracking your customers’ views, and also understand the traffic your website is getting on a daily basis. In other words, the analyzer helps you run and manage all the actions and activities that your customers perform at your site.


Visitors label.


How do you know if a customer was satisfied with your products or not? Using other methods such as emailing all the customers is time-consuming, and you may not be able to go through all the customers. But, thanks to StatCounter now one can easily track the customers’ responses from the website. The analyzer is equipped with a feature referred to as the visitor label which records all the customers who visit your site. For example, if a customer is looking for a particular item from your website, the first thing that they do is to go through the entire page to see what options are available. If a customer finds something from the page, they will immediately order it by following all the purchasing process. But, you may see that some customers have not been able to complete their purchases on the website. So, how do you identify all these actions from the customers? It is comfortable with the use of visitor label. It helps you track all the customers who visit your website, the number of orders they made and also if they return to the site to buy form items from you. The ones who are not able to complete their orders, you can contact them using the provided details and remind them of the order.Check out the responses you are getting the answers and the most purchased products from your site.


LIve Visitor map.


Do you want to track where most of your traffic is coming from? Knowing the area where the majority of your customers are located help you determine if your market is expanding to other regions or rather where the highest sources of your customers are coming from. So this features found on the StatCounter helps you get a real-time visual response from your potential customers and their locations too. Click on map markers which are usually pinned on every customer to see where the customer is viewing the website from.




As a website owner, it is advisable that you keep on checking the statistics that are on your website for better tracking of the functioning of the site. Therefore, Statcounter provides you with a filtering tool that enables you to review and figure out all the relevant information on your website. The filtering of these data can be done in different options which include; by the browsing form, the country of the customer, ISP, and many others. So choose the type of filters that you need to use depending on the nature of your business.


Compatible with all smart devices.


The best part when it comes to StatCounter is the fact that you don’t need to be glued to a PC to view your website or even for the customers to make an order. Meaning, a customer can easily access your site from anywhere, and at any time as long they have a smart device and an internet connection. The best mobile devices that are compatible with the system are Android phones iOS and windows.


Frequently asked question?


Question: How much does it cost to sign up with the StatCounter analyzer?


Answer: Well the registration to the account is free, and for beginners, you will be given 30-days free trial on how to work with the app. This gives you an opportunity to get familiar with all the discussed features above for better functioning of your website. So, what are you waiting for! Register today and get to monitor your traffic your site with ease.

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