Generating more web traffic in 2018

webtraffic tips for 2018

Generating huge traffic is key to most website managers whether it’s a blog or an advertisement most people want to have a lot of people coming to their sites. Without traffic you simply feel as if the world is caving so here is some insightful information which will help you attract more users to your website. Here are some tips gathered from experts that will really assist in solving this headache.


Use social networks

Currently almost everyone around the globe has a cell phone, internet and is most probably on social media. Tapping into this the wide customer range offered here will do miracles for your site. Promoting newly established content across these networks for a period of about two weeks will give people time to catch your content. Creating a group on Facebook is one of the most effective ways. To maximize on this ensure that you are the authority and invite people from other groups in no time you will have a vast followership. Post helpful content that give people advice and then later you can put up your own personal stuff. To keep on adding on the number of followers you have in Twitter you should unfollow each person who does not follow you back. In a few weeks time you are set to increase your followers and now you can share your stuff.


Write guest posts

It can be really worth your while if from time to time you would contribute external articles to high ranking sites like Forbes or Huff Post. When you write in another site similar to yours your audience will be able to get your content and you will be able to pass your content to the audience from that website. This will be the best way to get quality back links and is an excellent way of acquiring more traffic to your channel and you get to have your stand on the market as an expert. Furthermore, you could also use podcasts where you could do interviews and invite significant people. This will catch the attention of many leading to a wide audience.


Publish more often

Publishing a rounded and well informed post in a week will see that the number of views on your page will improve in a tremendous way. You should post about three to four posts in a week and then wait and see the impressive results this will bring. In addition to that you should also accept contributions from other sources because most of this people will come with their own viewers and enable them to recognize your existence.


Create catchy titles

The first thing that customers will see is your title so it is vital to ensure that it is not only attractive but also relevant to their needs. Whenever writing on a certain matter, ensure you insert the keyword on the title as this will lead to fast results from the search engine. Additionally, it should be instantly appealing and memorable which will help it in getting the much needed traction. Having evergreen titles which are always relevant to your customers will also come in handy as this will make sure that they get satisfaction. After getting the range of titles all that you need is to enhance a given article and maintain the key words. This information is essential as it also increase your click through rate. You might think that these small manipulations will not affect anything but in the long run they increase your click through rate and generate high traffic to your site. Implementation of this simple rule will really help in generating much traffic.


Use other forms apart from written forms

Apart from writing your stuff you can also use videos, visuals or slide decks. In doing this you will be breaking the monotony of reading since most people enjoy videos. If you have a designer you can use info graphics that speaks about your content in a vivid way. Reach out for links and also promote your stuff on pages like Pinterest. The eye can be a great way of catching someone’s attention as long as you use the right color and appearance it can be a really fast way of passing information to people. Using an expert developer will come in handy where you create attractive graphics and are most likely to get more shared across all networks. Slide Decks design can also be an awesome way of attracting more readers. You can post these slides on SlideBoom, SlideSnack and SlideShare to get more content out there which will also help you be known to more viewers.


Internal optimization

Optimizing your stuff on search engines while including keywords, Meta descriptions and meta titles and using back links can be among the best ways of getting the best ranking signals. When you want to make it easier for search engines to index your pages you might want to choose schema micro data will really simplifies the work. Investing in content discovery platforms like Outbrain is one of the most brilliant ways in which you can promote your content top notch authority like CNN or the Time.


Ensure your website has speed

Never ignore the power that a fast website brings because there is no one who wants to waste their time on your slow website. It is important to note than more than 40% of the number of viewers will leave your site if it delays. Speed is a great determiner and will rank you highly especially because many people will want to use your fast site. User satisfaction should be among the top in your priority as after all you want to have satisfied customers who enjoy your services. Use attractive captions and colors to bring more people to you. Adopting a mobile friendly website will also go a long way in helping you have more users.


Make your website mobile friendly

Most people use their mobile phones when logging into the web so it will be highly advantageous if they are able to access your site with their cells. You really have to invest in a decent mobile version on your site. According to a survey done in 2015 the number of searches done in cell phones surpassed those done by a desk top. This shows you how worthwhile it is for you to make sure cell phone owners can get to your site.


To sum up in order to have a vast amount of people viewing your site you must use the most attractive of ways to ensure you get more customers and also retain them for a long time. Be sure to follow this steps on you will be on your way to generating a high percentage of people to your site. Good luck.

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