Different WebTraffic Analyzers


The primary role of web traffic analyzers is to measure the amount of data which is sent and received by visitors to a given website. Below is the updated list of the most popular web traffic analyzers:


  1. W3Counter: This is one of the widely used web traffic analyzers, and it comes in a free and premium version. It allows website owners to track various websites and then obtain the general statistics. For instance, a Pro account will enable one to monitor approximately I a million views a month for sites with higher traffic.
  2. AWStats: This is a pre-installed software offered by many web hosting companies. It also has the download option if you want to install your server. This software is most preferred since it can go to an extent into referring site’s information to other users. This is a unique feature not available in other web analytics packages.
  3. Google Analytics: It is considered as one of the most popular web analytics package. This is because it can easily be afforded by many individual site owners. With this package, you can quickly dig deeper into your statistics to see the location of your site visitors.
  4. eLogic: With eLogic services are provided as per the needs of the site owner. Their services are in three levels depending on the workload.
  5. ShinyStat: This package is available to various sites across the world, and it can easily be accessed by individual users and professional users. It is used to track marketing as well as monitoring sales and the ROI.
  6. SiteMeter: It comes in a free and paid versions. The free version is typically available for smaller bloggers with an average monthly visits of 100,000 views. It also contains standard webmaster tool such as visitor duration and tracking referrals. For more extensive sites it is advisable for owners to get a paid version since it comes with more features capable of analyzing any volume of visitors.

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