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keyword research service

Keywords are the backbone of any online store or website that’s why Keyword Research Service can facilitate your efforts. Keywords are the basis on which your website content is written. Effective keywords lead to effective and interesting content related to your target audience.

Keywords are categorized into long-tail and short-tail keywords. An example of short and long-tail keywords are ‘laptops’ and ‘Lenovo laptops in Chicago’.

Short and Long tail keywords

Short-tail keywords are generic and produce many search results that may not be relevant to the search intent. Long-tail keywords are specific and produce highly relevant search results. In the above example, anyone searching for “laptops” can search for different things like different laptop brands. laptop prices, laptop jobs, laptop stores, laptop service centres, and many similar options.

But for long-tail keywords, you will get the most relevant results. Therefore, it requires knowledge and understanding of the needs of the end-user to create long-tail keywords.

Keyword research and website SEO

SEO is an acronym that stands for search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting your website rank first in search engine results and getting targeted audience to your website via organic search. An important trait in page optimization (two key elements of SEO that are page optimization and off-page optimization) is the keyword. Based on the keyword only content is generated and header tags, meta tags, and image alt tags are enhanced. That means the first and most important component of page optimization is the keyword. So the next topic covered in this article is the keyword research process.

Steps to perform keyword research:

There are four steps to keyword research:

  1. Select the essential keywords for your website
  2. Research with free and paid tools
  3. Research your competitor’s keywords
  4. Shortlist your search words

1. Select the essential keywords for your website

As the person in charge of your website, you have the power to specify the search queries by which your clients should locate your website or web pages. You can also seek the guidance of experts who specialize in determining the keywords entered for your web pages. These keywords identified as primary keywords will be the basis for your keyword research. They are generic and have a wide range of functions.

2. Research with free and paid tools

The next step in the process is to search using tools like the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and other free and paid keyword tools. First, you enter your primary keywords into the tool and search from the multiple keywords generated by the tools. Select keywords that have a high search volume and little competition. These keywords can help you generate more traffic and help you reach the number one position on the search engine results page easily.

3. Investigate competitor research inquiries

You may already know or need to research online competitors for your website’s ranking improvement. You can easily find these competitors by searching the top search queries and looking at the top results. Once you locate the competitors, take a look at their content, meta tags, image alt tags, and title tags. Now you have created your priority keywords. You need to research these search queries and select some of them to use on your own web pages.

4. Shortlist your search words

After the above processes, you have come up with quite a few search queries, long tail and short tail to use them on your website. Now you need to sort them according to their importance and priority. You need to choose the words that will be the best keywords to enter to attract your target audience. Choose the most relevant and most important keywords for your website’s audience. Shortlisting should be done very carefully so you don’t miss out on top priorities.

Why is professional keyword research important?

Professional keyword research is an important part of any website’s search engine marketing strategy. They are the cornerstones of any online online store and/or website. Whether you’re using professional keyword research to do SEO or PPC, it’s important that you research and analyze your keywords right from the start.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering professional keyword research when doing it on your own:

Define your target audience

It is important to know the target audience for your website. In particular, pay attention to the technical terms for the particular industry in which your website operates.

Some industries may have certain keyword phrases that are instantly recognizable in that industry. For example, the IT/technology industry has a lot of technical terms. For example backup software, backup tapes can contain terms like DAT, DAT24, etc. Targeting these keyword phrases can make it easier to find your website on the web and facilitate your potential clients’ search process.

Level of competition

I usually recommend people choose very specific keyword phrases to build their web pages. There are two reasons for this. First, it is much easier to rank for these keyword phrases as there will be less competition for those keyword phrases.

The second reason is that keyword phrases can generally attract more targeted visitors than one keyword. For example, the keyword “computer” is too generic. It is very difficult to get a good ranking for these keywords and the visitors who visit your online store based on this keyword may not be your target audience.

Professional keyword research tools

If you do keyword research and analysis manually, you are likely to give up after a while. It can be very boring and time-consuming. This is why a good professional keyword research tool is so important. It can help you do the heavy lifting. One of my favourite tool for keyword research is the Google Keyword Planner. It’s free. Just type in a keyword and data like search volume, competition and synonyms will appear.

As you have seen, keyword research is not a simple task, so how do professional keyword research providers fit into the equation? That’s why ..

Hiring a professional to research your keywords is a good idea!

First of all, there is an obvious misconception that tends to float around the internet, specifically among new or inexperienced internet resources’ owners, as well as new internet users in general. This misinformation is the idea that if you can do it yourself for free, you don’t have to pay for it. But what’s even more impressive is that some ignorant people scream “fraud” when this situation occurs. Just because someone charges professional keyword research providers when you can do the same thing, no petty cash doesn’t mean it’s a scam or a fraud.

Keyword Research Service gives you comfort

Professional keyword research services are a convenient service, as are car dealerships that offer oil changes or service stations that offer automatic car washes. Sure, you can change the oil in your car without paying labour costs, and you can wash your car at home without paying for someone else’s soap, water, and wax. These are options, just as you can perform keyword research using freely available tools. However, many people prefer the convenience of not having to do everything themselves, whether their time is very valuable or they do not have the skills or tools to perform the services they seek to employ.

Providing basic services

Professional keyword research providers play a much-needed role for today’s online resources’ owners. A lot of beginners in an internet business or internet marketing don’t know how to do keyword research, and a decent percentage of these people don’t care to know how to do it. That’s why nobody will ever find their websites or online stores on the web. For others, who are serious about their online businesses, it makes sense to pay for a professional keyword research even if they know how to do the work themselves. Most smart online entrepreneurs do this even when they are on low budget.

Provide professional advice

Although this is mentioned, one of the advantages of purchasing professional keyword research service is that you receive expert advice in the keyword market, without having to pay much higher fees than professional companies. If someone offers professional keyword research services, they are likely to be pretty good at what they do otherwise even after a few clients, their bad reputation will ruin their chances of making any money within the whole SEO industry.

Help you choose right keywords

If you don’t choose the right keywords you will not be able to rank high on search results and nobody will find your website. As a rule you won’t have any traffic and any sales.

It helps to know your competition.

This can give you a clear idea of ​​what your competitors are doing and what is the trend in the market for that day. Find all of your competitors selling the same product or service and start to understand the words and phrases they are targeting is a huge work. By checking your competitors, keyword researchers will help you to get more information and make suggestions on the keywords your competitors are targeting.

Help analyze the techniques and strategies used

Regardless of your industry, there will be certain keywords relevant to your industry. Collect the most profitable among these keywords and use them to promote your online store / website. In addition to focusing on your website take time to analyze the techniques and strategies your competitors are using. There is nothing wrong with borrowing some effective techniques from your competitors as long as they are effective.

During your keyword research, pay attention to sub-domains that may be related to the services you are promoting. If done correctly, this strategy can generate a lot of quality traffic.


So to answer the question of whether professional keyword research is worth the price, in plain language, yes, they definitely are. At the end of the day, it’s a convenient service, and if it’s more convenient for you to buy professional keyword research service than to do the fieldwork yourself, why wouldn’t it be worth the price?

As you have seen, to generate targeted traffic, your strategies should not be limited to identifying and using the most relevant keywords for your website. To get the most out of your keyword research, you should also discover the variations of these related keywords and closely monitor the search volume for these keywords in the major search engines. At the same time, controlling the pal unlock your competitor’s private keys. This can only be done by a professional keyword research service provider.

If you need any help with your keyword research we are here to help.

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