Pop Under Website Traffic – How to Use

Popunder traffic

Popunder traffic forms part of the best methods of improving profits. However, most people fail to understand the amazing potential of popunder traffic. They also fail to know how this traffic supposed to be used or don’t recognize its importance. 2018 is no exception and popunder ads will still be used to direct traffic to websites. Below is an understanding of popunder traffic and how it can be used effectively to drive traffic to your site.


Definition of popunder traffic


For the past years, popunders or rather on-click ads have become so popular. Most ad networks are working using this kind of online advertising with any advertisers as well as webmasters who want to improve their profit. Popups are those new web browser windows that open over an active window or the main window. Unlike popunders, they are more aggressive as they do not wait until the current window is closed but rather popup on it. Popunders appear when user closes the main window. And in most cases are relevant to the content that user was searching on the main window.



How to use popunders to advertise


Generally, pops are for generating leads. This can be done in two main ways which are:

1- via direct promotion of your landing page

2- through a pre-lander which uses a kind of landing page which has no form for filling in but rather comes with a button of call-to-action. Pre-landers mostly are used for playing with a site user, warming such a user up before a direct offer is made. Sometimes, one more pre-lander can be used for gaining conversion.


How popunders work


The website user closes the active window and the popunder window shows up which pre-lands convincing this user to go ahead and try luck. It may come with more than one trial whereby in case the first trial fails the user can try a second time. The following try comes with luck whereby the user gets to win a thing. The user then presses on the get prize button. Next step they are landed on another pre-lander which claims that for example: the given prize is a preservation and to access it the user needs to get into the official website of the distributor to prove details and give shipping address. Such pre-lander at times may give a description of a certain offer then set a certain deadline of subscribing after which the subscription will be barred.


Why use popunders


While deciding on online advertising, you may think of several different formats of ads to use and even go ahead and try them. Although its ideastically clear that pops tend to disturb certain website users, as a matter of fact they end up converting much as compared to other formats of ads. Sometimes it goes up to 300%+ ROI boost. Pops take advantage of display ads and banners blindness as users interact with this pops more consciously. Popunders after all target the right users and therefore stand a chance of being used.




Popunder advertisement mode users are increasing every year and this is from the increasing numbers of new affiliates who are ready to give a try to those simple schemes. Additionally, experienced advertisers as well are switching to the same as there are some products which function best with the popunders advertising. 2018 is no exception, do not be left out. Join the rest in using popunders ads and boost your profit.

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