Reasons Why Popunder Traffic Converts

traffic that converts

If you’re an ardent internet user, you might have encountered a pop-under advertisement and probably didn’t know what it was. Unlike with pop-ups, most people are unfamiliar with a pop-under, which is an advert that appears behind the browser window. This is basically a window that is comprised of a sales funnel or a landing page. Perhaps you’re wondering why anyone would want their ad to appear behind a webpage. Although most entrepreneurs prefer throwing their adverts into a web visitor’s face, others realize that this method can be a little blunt or even outright annoying. Also, viewers will almost always ignore offers that appear to be overbearing. Luckily, pop-unders are way less blatant. Below are reasons why you should utilize pop-under and why they convert traffic into sale more conveniently.


No Banner Blindness


Pop-unders present an ideal opportunity for turning web visitors into clients because they don’t block the page content. These ads are only visible to web browsers after they minimize or close their page. Pop-unders allow the user to engage with an ad at a conscious level while being less insistent as compared to popups. With a pop-up, the user often feels furious when their content gets blocked, forcing them to wait for a while before they get a chance to close the obtrusive ad. With this kind of infuriation, a user is less likely to get attracted by the advert. On the other hand, a pop-under lies like an underdog waiting for a chance to pounce.


More Engaging


A pop-under creates an entire page behind the user’s page. This way, a web visitor is nearly bound to interact with the ad after closing or minimizing their page. The end result is a friendly advert that will potentially attract numerous downloads, registrations, subscriptions and ultimately more sales. By getting an opportunity to spend more time staring at your pop-under, the chances are that web visitors will actually read and follow up on whatever services you’re offering.


More Space to Shine


With a pop-under, you will have an entire screen to utilize. The extra space allows you to be more creative with ideas for converting web visitors to clients. A full screen essentially provides a platform through which you can place a call to action buttons, flashy pictures and even relevant slogans for luring web users into clicking on your page link to get more information about your services.


Great for Landing Pages


With other forms of advertisements, a user is required to click on a primary ad to get to a landing page. With pop-unders, this first step is easily skipped to lead a web user straight to your page for easy access to your content. This will not only increase the chances of converting a web user into a customer, but it will also save you substantial time and money.


Avoids Repetitive Ads to the Same Viewer


The new developments in pop-under technology have made it possible for repeat viewers to be skipped by an advert that they came across before. Instead, such viewers are only prompted on a weekly basis among other premeditated durations of time. With this selective method, a web user will not be forced to review the ads over and over again, which omits the chances of getting bored by monotonous ads.


Aids in Affiliate Programs


The majority of modern affiliate programs allow their members to use numerous modes of advertisements to lead potential customers to their associates. This method works by providing links that trigger a pop-under when clicked. While this method is more likely to increase traffic, people may opt to buy your goods or services especially when they realize you are associated with a brand they like. Choosing a program that allows you to use pop-under ads will also make your affiliate efforts a success by creating brand awareness, which will generate profit for both you and your associates.


Over the years, online advertising has gained momentum in favor of publishers, affiliates, and advertisers. Still, this mode of advertisement has proved to be a serious affair that demands a comprehensive understanding of all the available options before investing. Most online advertisements annoy web visitors, which might create a bad impression about your business while creating a negative user experience. Luckily, pop-unders are not pushy or repetitive thus they can lead numerous web visitors directly to your landing page. This is arguably the best technique through which you can convert traffic into customers.

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