Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website (Part-2)

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This is part two of our blog series regarding to sending more traffic to your website. Let’s get straight to where we left.

Links to Authority Sites

It also helps to link to authority sites within your website’s content because this is something that search engines look favorably upon. For example, if you operate a blog that deals with American history, you can link to collegiate history department scholarly articles which discuss topics that are similar to the ones you discuss on your blogs.

Check Your Load Time

One reason why some websites do not get high traffic is because the load time is too slow. You can improve things by changing image sizes, eliminating excessive plugins and make changes to the text within the site. This free tool from Google will help you with this

Examine Your Competitors’ Strengths and Weaknesses

Increasing your website traffic means that you will need to examine what your competitors are doing right and wrong. Maybe your competitors are doing a great job with responsive web design that makes their websites highly visible by mobile users. You can learn from them by creating a more mobile friendly design for your site. Or you might have a competitor who fails at understanding of his target customer.

Optimize the Images on Your Site

Web visitors are visual creatures and if you optimize the images for stronger rankings on the search engines, you will increase traffic to your website. You want to have smaller file sizes for your site’s images as this causes fewer visitors to get frustrated by your site’s slow speeds because of too large image sizes.

Improve Your Blog Posts’ Headlines

Because readers are impressed by catchy and unique titles, it is important that you improve your blog post headlines. Some great examples include What You Didn’t Know About the Roots of House Music, Myths You Believe About Childbirth, 20 Surprisingly Most Dangeroud Cities in the Southeast, and Why Your Resume Keeps Getting Rejected.

Internal Linking is a Must

Getting more traffic to your website does not always require complicated methods. If you’re a newbie and in need of a cost-effective way to boost traffic to your new website, try internal linking. This strategy involves adding links from one page to the next one within your website. This helps readers find other interesting sections on your website and it could mean higher traffic.

Break Up With Your Old Content

Sure you have a strong love affair with the content you published on your website, but sometimes you need to break up with it because your old content no longer matches your website’s vision. Conduct an audit of your content and eliminate items that are wasting space on your website.

Use Quora to Your Advantage

Quora is one of the most popular Q and A websites, and you can use it to boost your website’s traffic. Start by writing a detailed and keyword-rich bio about yourself and include a link to your company’s website. Choose your most relevant categories to answer questions in, and in each answer place links to your website..

We’ll continue these series, so stay tuned..

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