Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website (Part-3)


Here it is.. Part 3 of our series and let’s begin:

Hire A SEO Consultant

SEO consultant can help if you struggle to boost your website’s traffic. In spite of using the above mentioned methods, you can hire a SEO consultant. SEO consultants are trained in helping people create effective websites, and they have the resources to boost web traffic for you. Look for a consultant who has several years of experience and who understands your vision.

Utilize Pinterest

Here are ways you can use Pinterest to increase your website traffic. These methods include:

  • Adding your website’s URL in the description of your pin
  • Using a call to action in pin description
  • Pinning between hours of 2pm and 4pm, and between 8 pm and 1 am
  • Use of Tall photos when posting images on Pinterest

List Your Website in Yellow Pages

Many people see the yellow pages as obsolete but you can still use this tool to promote your website. When you write out your company’s mailing address and phone number to be published in the yellow pages, include your email address and a link that allows potential customers to find you. This is a technique that lets you use offline advertising to proomote your online business.

Utilize the Forums

Forums are an excellent way to increase web traffic. It is not necessary to join a bunch of forums, but you want to join those that are within your niche and you can leave a link to your website. Be sure to follow the rules in the forums and avoid hurtful and rude comments. Also ask and answer meaningful questions and use your website’s services as part of your response to others’ questions when appropriate.

Build That Email List

It also helps to build a email list and send e-newsletters to your subscribers on a regular basis. When doing this create exciting freebies and other discount offers to boost subscribers. Discuss the benefits they will receive from subscribing to your email list. It is important that the content in your newsletters is evergreen yet interesting enough and unique to keep subscribers wanting more. Another idea is to use multiple subscription categories to target subscribers with specific interests. For example, if you’re creating an email list for diabetes patients, you can create subscriptions with categories such as diabetic dietary habits, diabetes and mental health, and pediatric diabetics.

Get Analytical

Google Analytics is another essential tool in increasing web traffic. When you use this service you get an idea of what kinds of persons are visiting your site, percentage of visitors leaving your site, the purchases they make while on your site, and which emails got the most responses from visitors.

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