Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website (Part-1)

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increase website trafficIncrease Website Traffic

You have a business website and now you are gaining new and steady customers each week. But like any business owner you want to increase website traffic. Thanks to the following methods we will discuss in this article, it is possible to gain more traffic in a matter of months. It will take a positive attitude, hard work, the willingness to be creative and perseverance.

Blog Your Heart Out

There are several reasons why blogging increases a business’s website traffic. You can increase your blog’s traffic by including guest bloggers who are experts in the niche you blog about regularly. You can also increase your blog’s traffic by linking to your blog posts on social media, leaving comments and links to your blog on others’ blogs, creating unique and relevant content consistently and using the best keywords throughout your blog.

Create Webinars or Podcasts

This is especially a great idea if you own a business that helps others achieve more in life. If you own a resume and cover letter writing service, it would be wise to host webinars or podcasts that deal with various aspects of career planning such as networking, updating your resume and cover letter, and getting through tough job interviews.

Get Out the Box When it Comes to Marketing

Promoting your website has to go beyond your comfortable methods that you’re used to even though those methods have worked so far. Business owners need to be savvy about promoting their websites and here are some unconventional ways to do it. Another idea is to book guest speaking engagements at trade shows and seminars within your industry. If you operate an 24-hour daycare service with franchises in several areas of the city, you can inquire about speaking at local seminars that discuss the issues that face childcare center operators face nowadays, and how to solve them.

Upload Videos About Your Company to Youtube

Another neat way to increase website traffic is to upload videos of your products and services to your own Youtube channel. On your company’s website in the About Us section, you want to include a link to your Youtube channel where visitors will get a more in-depth look at what your company is about. You might include videos about what motivated you to start the company, your mission statement, details on the products and services you offer, and customer testimonials.

Research Your Keywords Well

If you want to boost traffic to your website, it is advisable that you research your keywords well and include keywords that visitors look for often within the niche you represent. For example, if your company sells multicultural dolls for children of various backgrounds, you would include keywords that customers would type in while looking for these products.

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