The Importance of Alexa Rank

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It’s always about numbers and KPIs when it comes to directing traffic to your website. And there is always a comparison and a lot of interesting statistics and percentages that go into understanding your web traffic.

Digital Marketing Teams and Agencies all around the world are building strategies to improve Alexa Rank quickly for their website.

Have you ever heard of Alexa Ranking improvement? Do you think that it is the only tool that contributes to the success of your website or do you disagree? There are many questions that come into existence when you are planning to earn from your website and building on top of all these decisions.

However, this raises the next question –

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Rank mainly allows to measure and determine the popularity of any given website. This popularity measure allows websites to identify themselves from their competitors and for them to understand what they need to work on in order to figure out ways that work best for Alexa Rank improvement.

It is also important to note how the Alexa Rank improvement is measured for any website and that is through estimations of numbers of unique visitors and the number of page views for any website over a period of 3 previous months.

They also like to combine these measures with the geographical locations of the visitors and combining all the data collection then results in an Alexa Ranking for that specific website. The lower your Alexa Rank the more popular your website.

Why Is Alexa Rank Important?

While it is important to understand what Alexa Rank is. And what system they use to measure it, it is more essential to work on your Alexa Rank improvement. Businesses are investing in agencies and teams to increase Alexa Rank quickly and effectively. Everyone wants to be at the #1 Alexa Rank but it is not that simple.

If you are thinking of making money through your website or blog, you need to understand that Alexa Rank will help advertisers distinguish you as being more popular than your competitors if you have a low Alexa Rank. You can then ask for a higher price from your advertisers. Other than that, you will be able to attract more guest contributors and be able to see information from your competitor’s website allowing you to recognize the keyword similarities and performances.

How Can You Do This Quickly?

There is no way to just boost your Alexa Rank overnight. If you think you can improve Alexa rank in 30-60 days for your website, it can be possible. Of course it won’t bring you to #1 Alexa Rank but yes, you will see some Alexa Rank improvement.

Here are few tips you can follow as ways of Alexa Rank Improvement:

  1. You can buy alexa traffic where the visitors are guaranteed to have the Alexa toolbar installed. This will easily improve Alexa rank.
  2. Focus on your meta descriptions and website page titles which are often referred to as the Metadata. This will help google to identify more easily what your website is about. And this will help your website rank better.
  3. Make sure that you are writing content that has good readability. The content or specific topic that your readers actually want to read. It is pointless to keep putting up content that not interests your readers. If the content is not of a good quality. Good quality and meaningful content might actually result in Alexa Rank improvement. It can also rank you better for keywords and bring good revenues in the long run of your website.
  4. Keep track of your consistency and the amount of time you update your website. This is important because you have to keep updating content for your website. When visitors browse your website they have new content to read. This is a great way to build followership for your website. Useful information placed on your website will also allow you to engage more with your visitors and improve Alexa rank.
  5. Sharing your content regularly on social media platforms is another way to boost your Alexa Rank. Over time this might also result in improving your overall online presence as well. Always remember that you have to place your content where your target audience is. Where your audience spends more time so that you can benefit from that.
  6. Remember to also focus on other ways to increase the website traffic from all possible resources. You have to keep in mind that the hosting server you are using must handle any increases in traffic. It shouldn’t make opening your website slower for your visitors. Because this can result in losing visitors instead of gaining them.

Does it Really Matter?

You may want to increase Alexa Rank quickly. Give your time and effort to Alexa Rank improvement for your website. But there is one last point that you should consider before taking those steps forward.

Alexa Rank system does not take under consideration many factors. Factors that might actually be working in favor of your website traffic otherwise. For instance, Alexa doesn’t take into account subdomains and subcategories for the measurement of the Alexa Rank. This means that the ranking system can be questionable. But to some extent, it does provide data in order to calculate the popularity of a certain website.

However, you have to understand that that is not the only factor that contributes towards the success of your website. And there are many other tools that help distinguish your traffic metrics and source of traffic. Also, you can use many other tools in order to find keywords that work best. And/or finding insights from your competitor websites.

Final Thoughts

When performing marketing analysis remember that Alexa Ranking is not the only tool you can use to extract the data. Always remember to think of it as a tool. The tool that only adds on to the data that is important to boost your online presence as a website. But it is not the only one. So, bottom line is that the lower your Alexa Rank the more benefit it is for your website.

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