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Drive More Traffic to Your Website in 2019 with These Free Sources

Not everyone can afford paid resources to boost traffic to their websites. Thankfully, there are numerous free resources available to you that can increase traffic to your website. They are cost-effective but also helpful in boosting your website’s visibility. Here are some of the best free website traffic sources.

Your Company’s Blog

One of the best free sources of traffic is your blog. You should post to it regularly so that potential customers will not only learn more about your products but also on tips that could improve their lives. If you sell educational supplies for school administrators, you can write about the different ways teachers can plan lessons using your company’s materials. Use social media automation tools such as Buffer to schedule your blog posts days ahead of time. If you’re not able to write the posts yourself, hire a talented freelance writer to produce them for you. Freelancing sites such as Upwork often have freelancers who are available for decent rates.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is here to stay, so why not use it to get free traffic to your website? Start by choosing the best social media platforms that best suit your marketing needs. If your products would benefit from more visual advertising, then Pinterest might be the best option for you. Or if you are promoting your services more towards corporate executives, LinkedIn or Facebook might be better choices. You should have a complete profile and then post content regularly to the account. Create a Youtube channel around your area of expertise and mention your services near the end of the videos. Also, include affiliate links of your products in the description box. Also, learn the peak times of social media activity on the different platforms to maximize your content’s visibility. For example, if you post on Twitter, the best times are in the afternoon hours whereas Pinterest users generally view pins the most during nighttime hours.

Offer Free Digital Downloads

People love freebies, and you can use this to boost website traffic for free. If you don’t have a lot of graphic design experience, that’s okay because there are free tools available to create brochures and guides. Canva is a popular design platform for designing all kinds of digital materials. If you have a blog that helps married couples with overcoming certain struggles in their relationships, prepare some free guides that deal with marital issues such as parenting style differences, solutions to lack of intimacy, properly managing money in marriage, and common communication problems.

Search Engine Optimization

Although some marketing experts doubt the effectiveness of search engine optimization, this is still one of the best free sources of website traffic. Since a majority of people view websites on mobile devices, it’s important that your website is mobile-friendly for increased traffic. You also want to localize your SEO because many people are seeking out businesses that are in their area. Use free services like Yoast to evaluate your website and determine if proper SEO techniques are in place. Your article titles shouldn’t be too long and should include relevant keywords for your services. The meta descriptions should be concise and include the target keyword phrase. Internal links within your content are also important.

Pay Attention to the Headlines

Boring and vague headlines will not give you visibility or increased traffic you need. Whenever you write content on your website, you need to create catchy and unique headlines that people will want to click on. Instead of using “20 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat”, spice it up by writing “Surprisingly Inexpensive Ways to Cool Down This Summer.” If you need assistance with writing good headlines, check out tools such as Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer. You enter in a headline, and then they will let you know how effective it is.

Email Marketing

This is an effective method of boosting website traffic. There are several ways to grow a successful email list. If you’re promoting your services at local trade shows or seminars, include a signup sheet where potential customers can sign up to be on your list.

On your website, you want to include a popup signup form so that you can obtain email addresses. Also, include a freebie as an extra token of your appreciation to those who signed up.

When you call potential customers or regular customers on the phone, inquire about obtaining their email addresses so you can send them more information about your company and any special offers.

You will also need to work with an email marketing provider such as MailChimp to manage your email list. When composing messages to your subscribers, briefly discuss what you offer. Also, mention how they benefit from your services and discuss how they can obtain your services. Your subject lines should be catchy and relevant to what you’re selling.

Comment on Sites Pertaining to Your Niche

The key to success with this strategy is commenting mainly on sites that deal with your niche. Don’t just spam websites with comments, though. You only should leave comments that are thoughtful, well-researched, and informative. Another thing you shouldn’t do is include links to your website every time you comment because this is a turn-off to website owners.

Break Up the Text with Images

Who wants to view a website that is not visually appealing? A website that has huge chunks of text without images can bore readers. This is why it is important to incorporate beautiful and clear images within your content. Make sure that the images will not be subject to copyright issues, and use those that relate to the nature of your content. You can also use videos to break up the text.

Do Guest Posts

Another thing you can do is write guest posts for high-traffic blogs. Seek out blogs that complement your company’s niche. If your niche is personal finance for young adults, then find blogs that share your mission. Also, seek out a blog that has a strong social media presence and a high readership level. Study the blog’s previous posts to get an idea of what was covered already before sending a pitch.

In conclusion, with these helpful strategies, you can increase traffic to your website without breaking the bank.

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