How the latest google algorithm update can increase your traffic

google algorithm update can increase your traffic

You must have been wondering for long on how the last Google algorithm update can increase your traffic. This movement is suggesting that the current new update is rebalancing some of the past changes which are making them much more equitable. Google has been referring users to a few of its previous advice concerning updates. The updates were stating each day; Google has been releasing either few or many changes which are generally designed to improve their results.

Unfortunately, after confirmation of the updates which have taken place, Google has not been providing any guidance on what has been changing. This kind of omission is not unusual. Google has rarely been explaining on the way algorithm has been changing. This is the case apart from cases whereby they are driving behavior — for instance, adopting HTTPS and promotion of mobile responsiveness.

SEO researcher’s earlier data has not been indicating anything different highly from the pat. In some cases, some are referring to this update as being a downgrade from on previous updates on algorithms. This kind of perspective is usually based on the possibility that most of the sites in the last updates were capable of seeing their rankings improving. This kind of movement is suggesting that the new update is rebalancing some changes in the past to help in making them much more equitable.

Google has been referring users to a few of the past advice on updates which has been stating each day. Google search has been releasing many or few changes which are designed to help in improving their results. Other people are usually focused on specific improvements. Some of the changes are very broad. In the last week, there was a release on extensive algorithm core update. They have been doing this for quite some time in a given year. As to any other kind of update, some of the sites may not end up dropping gains or drops. There is nothing wrong with pages which may now be performing less well. Instead, system changes are improving pages which were in the past under-rewarded.

The most common question in any given Google algorithm update is on how one may end up fixing their site. According to Google, this is a question which is wrong to have. As Google had been stating in the last advice concerning algorithm updates, there is no any fix which is to be done for pages which are performing less well rather than remaining focused on coming up with great content. This is implying that content may end up rising relative compared to other pages.

This kind of response might not be the best for most of the website owners. However, the kind of advice which is given is correct. Adding new content continually to the website, which is matching the search for the target audience is the best strategy for SEO. Google algorithms are usually designed to help in finding content which is matching the user’s queries. You will end up increasing the possibility of acquiring a high ranking through an increase in the number of high-quality content which you are having in a given site concerning a given subject matter.

If you get to realize the website has been dropping in its ranking, make sure you consider the addition of a new kind of series. Blog posts of high quality concerning the industry help in giving Google new content to help one to index for the sake of their site.

Ways of Minimizing the Algorithm Updates Impact

1. Creating Great Content

Google go-to is recommending the use of a core algorithm update. It at times ends up feeling similar to a slap which is having wet fish. However, this kind of advice should not at any given point end up being overlooked. You should consider applying this information if you never put it into consideration in the past. Always remember that content is king. However, as useful as it is keeping on top in Google algorithm updates and what they are capable of impacting, you may end up getting fixated overly on them as a given community when one is focusing on execution on a long-term strategy which will end up taking precedence.

The most appropriate way of benefiting using core algorithm update is through investing in a long term approach which is well-reasoned. It will help in organic search, which will be much committed to giving performance websites which are delivering valuable experiences and quality content to visitors.

2. Long-Term Sound Strategy

It is easy preaching concerning SEO strategies and on how they should ideally be looking. This will be implying that when one is going through the harsh realities of getting hit using an update on an algorithm such as CCN, they should be more cautious.

Providing your business and sites will not be toppled completely using algorithm update. These kinds of websites will be requiring taking a long hard consideration at:

  • How they are approaching search
  • How they will be executing on a given strategy which is containing more life and carrying lesser risks instead of putting your blame on Google.

In CCN case, scaling of a site workforce which is reliant in two given pages will be useful in delivering on sizeable organic traffic which is responsible. Google is not present to kill CCN; it is the poor planning which killed it.

3. Being very selective on who you are working for and with

It involves looking at various things at an individual perspective. You ought to be very careful concerning the websites which you consider working for and the multiple businesses you are associating with. When you consider seeking new opportunities, whether when onboarding with new clients, in-house or in agency side, there’re questions which you need to ask yourself including:

  • The reliance of the business and website on the revenue stream.
  • The volatility of the business which is the primary revenue source
  • How flexible and open is the given company to implement and taking onboard new kind of information, correcting and acknowledging shaping and missteps to help in a rapid change of the environment.


You now have the answer to how the last Google algorithm update can increase your traffic. Put all the information in your mind as it will be useful in boosting your business.

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