short link service discontinued: is an alterntive


Google has discontinued the short link service. This service was initially launched in 2009. The company has recommended Firebase dynamics links as an alternative for developers, and regular users have been asked to use other competing services.


In one of their blog posts, the company has mentioned, that the way people look for information on the internet has changed. From home assistants, web pages, mobile devices, apps and other sources. Google has also cited the huge increase of alternative short link services such, as another reason for ending short link service.


In the same blog post Google disclosed that the termination of the service will be done in 3 stages. The company has also said that from 13th April, anonymous users and new users will not be able to make new short links.


For Developers:


Only projects that had already accessed the URL API before 30th May will be able to access it. March 30th, 2019, will be the last working day for the management console. After this date, short links made through the short link service will be redirected to the intended web page.


While it is a good thing that Google will maintain link to their direct users, clicking on shortened links. Most URL shorteners are often difficult to operate. This is because some users hide their URL to spyware, malware and shockwebsites using shortened links. Others are full of spam links. Some websites have even banned URL shortened links because of such reasons. short link service has lasted longer than most short link services. Unlike when other short link services terminate their service the linked URL‘s disappear. A project dubbed “301 works” was started in 2009 by internet archive to archive the short link and intended destination for some different URL short links services.


For Consumers:


The anonymous users or users who had not created shotlink using console before 13th April 2018 will not be able to do so. We recommend short link service to new users.


If you are currently using short links, you will be able to do so up to March 2019. After this period your short links will be redirected to the intended destination. Your current short links will not be transferred to firebase console, but you will be able to move your link information from the console.

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