Pop Under Website Traffic – How to Use

Popunder traffic
Popunder traffic forms part of the best methods of improving profits. However, most people fail to understand the amazing potential of popunder traffic. They also fail to know how this traffic supposed to be used or don’t recognize its importance. 2018 is no exception and popunder ads will still be used to direct traffic to websites. Below is an understanding of popunder traffic and how it can be used effectively to drive traffic to your site.  

Definition of popunder traffic

  For the past years, popunders or rather on-click ads have become so popular. Most ad networks are working using this kind of online advertising with any advertisers as well as webmasters who want to improve their profit. Popups are those new web browser windows that open over an active window or the main window. Unlike popunders, they are more aggressive as they do not wait until the current window is closed but rather popup on it. Popunders appear when user closes the main window. And in most cases...
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