Link Building in 2020 – Enhance Your Website Ranking

link building in 2020

Link building in 2020 as always involves building backlinks to a website. These backlinks are one-way hyperlinks that improve search engine visibility. There are several different types of link building strategies. These include broken link building, email outreach, and content marketing. We will look at each of these in more detail throughout this article.

The Importance of Link Building

Links are extremely important for your website. Before the days of Google Chrome, your search engine would most likely have been Yahoo. Things however changed, and whereas Yahoo ranked 100% on webpage content, Google introduced their famous algorithm. This changed everything. It made it so much harder to rank number one. In order to have a high-ranking website nowadays, it needs to have one way hyperlinks as well as great content.

Two decades after the introduction of Google, not much has changed. One thing that has changed though is the necessity to have quality links. With the introduct...

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