How to Drive Traffic for Tourism and Travel Websites During Covid-19

tourism webtraffic

Covid 19 has turned the world upside down. Industries everywhere are struggling to find new ways to cope. Travel and tourism are arguably among the hardest hit with border closures, limited flights and country specific restrictions making an already complicated situation even worse.

However, just because people aren't traveling right now does not mean that you can't still get tourism webtraffic. In fact, as people become more and more frustrated with staying at home, there may be even more armchair travelers just itching to hit the road. If you can capture their imagination, you can turn that into travel webtraffic. Here's how.

1. Be Aspirational

Now, more than ever, people are yearning to create new travel memories, and while most can't do that just yet, they do want to be inspired. So turn your digital marketing into beautiful stories that describe once in a lifetime experiences. Instead of just talking about the destination, talk about the scents, sights and noises they...

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