Google Search Console – Secret Tactics


Generating enough traffic is the primary challenge for many blog and website owners, especially beginners. Luckily, Google has noticed their challenge and gone ahead to provide an easy solution. Ever heard of something called “Google Search Console?” Well, if you have never, it is simply a free web service offered by Google to help webmasters check your indexing status and optimize the visibility of your site or blog. This service, which is meant for SEO purposes, used to be called Google Webmaster Tools previously.

Knowing about Google Search Console is one thing, knowing how to utilize it to boost your rankings is quite another. Many webmasters fail with this service, simply because they do not know how to tap into its full potential to get the best results. In the next part of this post, I am going to need you to pay full attention. I am going to share two extraordinary tactics you can use to rapidly increase the number of your page visitors with this free service from t...

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