Driving traffic to websites in 2021

Driving traffic to websites

The most effective way to drive traffic to any website is to first know your audience. Four questions to be answered in accomplishing this task are: Who is your audience? Why would your audience want or need to visit your website? What is the expectation of your audience when visiting your website? and finally, how will your audience use your website?

A good practice in answering these questions is to interview people who may represent the type of audience that your website is intended to attract. For example, if one wanted to create a website for dog grooming services then interviewing dog owners is a great way to obtain information and insight on how to attract potential users to the site. Also, having a theme-specific design is appropriate for various types of sites

In addition, considering cultural variables as you write your content will help to narrow down the most basic, to the most specific needs for the website's attractiveness. Consider politics, eco...

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