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Fidget Cube ack. But the emperor is not angry, was forced to anxious, and will be the king and Princess Mo invited to the palace, the two admonitions, but those arrears, but never mentioned, those who do not also borrow the money Minister, Can only claim to eat a Yaba Kui, from courtiers met Wei Wang, all retreat. This is something, here not to mention. In addition to service on September 26, soon to the old Houqian Shen Qian s filial piety since this day will be regarded as over, Hou House will be heavy color of silk linked to hang up, and restore the Gongqing The magnificence of the house. On the first day of September, Wei Wang and Mo Yixi marry, under the inscription of the emperor, massive, comparable to the former Zhao Xi wedding scene, to show the emperor s brother s favor. But also more than that, the new repair of the Palace is the former Royal Palace of the original site, but before the emperor ascended the throne before the emperor to the magnificence of the renovation, to the prestige of the king, the pet Long, Wei Wang has been disturbed. He disguised the night ran to Anyuan Hou government, to discuss an idea Shen Rong, in the Xijiang that suffer the burden of the head in the waistband that half a year, Wei Wang and Shen Rong to establish a profound friendship, Fr.looked at Jinyu Xuan, and so on for a long time, she suddenly fidget cube laughed out of low voice, Your cousin is an adult, and Yunzhou Yung s future homeowner, fidget cube he came to the capital presumably also shoulder The task of the family, not simply to relatives, so he is out of some entertainment is inevitable, even if the body tainted the bad taste, it does not necessarily mean he must be a bad man. Since everyone is a relative, if Yu Xuan had any questions about your cousin, she could ask it out directly. Maybe it was not the way you would like it to be She said. Because care, will be concerned about, because the concern will be suspected. Jin Yuxuan fear is on the capacity of the heart, with inexplicable goodwill, this will be the thing to feel so intentional observation, but Shen Tang conjecture to Jinyu Xuan pure heart of view, I am afraid even she did not understand This mind. She naturally knows how cousin marriage has terrible consequences, is not conducive to the descendants of their children, although the big Zhou Dynasty can be seen everywhere between the cousins of the combination, the real probability of birth to infants and infants is also very small, but descendants of such a thing , Is not tolerate half luck, if unfortunately became one of that million, the pain wil.

ub in the hands of rub ah, they rub out a mask of human skin, and then to wear, respectively, Zhao Yu Shen Tong, the two of them immediately became a On the old couple, and Bi Sung has become the appearance of ordinary maid, Yan know that they are like a frown, but the moment, they changed the middle aged Zhang beard slag to the face. Shen Tang heart Antan magic, but did not dare to waste any time, quickly sat down. There are clothes in the carriage, replied the Yankee. As for Bi Sheng, because of her body to wear maid on the color, and she has always liked the simple, this dress is just ordinary material, does not seem publicity. Soon the carriage will be to the West Gate, and sure enough, such as Yan Zhi said the inspection is very severe, a difficult wait, and finally turn to them Shen Tong, the soldiers rough to open fidget cube the car curtain, see a pair of old old After the couple, they clamored to get off a routine inspection, but also sent up to check the carriage. Shen Tang surprised, had been all the fidget cube for adults way above the soldiers, they replaced the clothes and did not dare to throw away, this time is also hidden under the seat cushion, if the soldiers come up search, then it will immediately go fidget cube hand in hand. The old woman and the old man come to the capital to see the docto.said, the Queen has been your mind to move, but she could not turn over a moment, but she has not been since you prison, but the circle Here, you are safe and secure for the time being, I ll talk to the Queen again, want to wait for her figured out, you can put you away Not to be two to answer, the prime minister will quickly chase out, Queen, stay Zhao Yu looked at the empty council room sighed, do not know how long the Queen will be detained Shen Tang said with a smile, This is the Council Chamber, there are courtiers over the next day and the queen fidget cube of the proceedings, do not the Queen to be held to fidget cube tomorrow, we , so I thought the Queen has a decision, but is temporarily unable to accept, Still hesitating pain. She murmured, I can fidget cube not think of this time so well, will not too smooth a number Zhao Yu touched her face, reluctantly said, time is running out, even if everything is going well, we also need to return to the capital 78 days, which together for nearly a month before and after the time, do not know Beijing How the fidget cube kickstarter video changes in the. He whispered, I only hope that we do not have anything to do. Shen Tang listened to his face more and more dignified, and I am afraid he has long been blocking the road, whether it is to pass Dharma messenger or us., but also placed in her Ke Wang Zhengfei so Key and subtle position, then the future of Monteggia is fridge cube limited to very, if not even the owner of the home are not aware of the problem, then Monteggia completely incurable. Meng Wang Fei was the first queen to death, but the poor person must be hated place. Family of the daughter usually need to bear the big family or the royal family of the important task of marriage in the complex and difficult struggle to survive, and then win, this is a must master the survival skills. But the former Princess Meng has failed, lost in a side door far branches of the cousin fidget cube s hands, lost in a miscarriage incident, and ultimately she was forced to desperation, only three feet of white silk, hanging beam from. Her ending, in fact, from the beginning to doomed, and not a small Monteggia, it will be someone else, Escape, escape, to avoid unavoidable. So the fresh baked Princess Meng it She will not repeat her aunt s mistakes, but also down a great cause of the death of the body did not become the first result She slowly got up, toward the blessing of a blessing to the people, said with a smile, Shen Tang met the Princess of Bangladesh empress, Liu Fang Fei side of the empress also concubine Fei Niang, I wish a few empress Wan Fu.

Fidget Cube inning said, Wait a few years, you bigger, Then a nest of cute baby, my son must fidget cube be like me jade tree, the daughter is like you, lovely and charming Shen Tong reluctantly knocked his hand, Do not trouble, I am still filial piety in it Although she and Shen Hao s relationship is not good, even as if he killed his mother enemy, but in the end arrived, but the blood is connected, his body with half of the Shen Hao s blood flow, the compliance can not fail to comply with the etiquette. ZHAO Yu commissioned and bent down to climb down, but his hands refused to let her, I do not tamper with, that is, hug. Since the wedding night to taste a return after more than fidget cube a month has not touched the arms of his wife, and he thought he was a hungry and forbear, but could not bear the day s nephrite in the Huai Hong Ying sleeve, but Only light can not eat. Shen Tang gently rubbed his face, the hour is late, the break. She pulled the bed of wire, fidget cube a few candles on the bell was immediately covered, the house dark down, not long after, two people will fall asleep. The second day, Jiang Rongrong will be sent to the Swiss Princess Rui Xin Philippines. Princess sent Ye Momo sent a message to say, after Jiang Rongrong is Xin Philippines Institute of fidget cube people, how to deal with on how to deal was informed that the matter, it is feeling a lot, since went to the Xinjiang experience in this half a year, Shen Rong s amazing changes, his ideas are more mature, the DPRK has a unique insight, she began to believe that he And finally grow into a good man, able to work independently, for his future family shelter, led Shen s standing in the big week. Wei Wang after the wedding soon, they show the royal family of Zhao s special circumstances, single minded pet Princess Mo, Princess Mo like floral, it will be a good backyard yard shovel, and built a huge Huahuang , Implanted a variety of rare flower species and because Princess Mo love antique, put a lot of money to buy rare baby, the former screen socket, a hundred years ago, the vase jade plate, are Wei Wang favorite purchase baby. But only by Wang Wei s salary, gradually difficult to support this huge cost, so he often ministers to borrow, the minister because he is the emperor s favorite brother, had fidget cube to borrow three to five thousand, but never Received repayment, a long time, complaining sound everywhere. King of the king of the kingdom of money, borrow money is not also, the people talked about the capital, wine shop among the tea house often used as anecdote joke, censor memorial is a stack of old thick st.

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